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    A Ret-HC Cream (15gm)

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    Generic ForSkin Lite
    Generic NameHydroquinone 2% + Tretinoin 0.05% + Hydrocortisone 1%
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    A Ret HC cream combines hydroquinone 5%, tretinoin 0.1%, and hydrocortisone 1% cream in treating facial hyperpigmentation. Dermatologically, hyperpigmentation is accepted as the darkening of normal skin due to a visible overproduction and deposits of melanin. This triple combination is considered useful to reduce dark spots, and it is advised to use a sunblock of SPF 60 regularly for all patients during treatment.

    — Tretinoin is a retinoid that increases skin cell renewal, removes dead skin cells, and replaces them with new ones. It also unclogs pores by reducing the production of oil in the skin.

    — Hydroquinone is considered the bleaching agent. When used in a proper adequate manner can reduce excess melanin production and dermal deposits.

    — Hydrocortisone is a corticosteroid that acts inside skin cells and stimulates the production of certain chemical messengers in the body that cause itching, redness, and swelling.


    Product Description

    Please inform your doctor if you are allergic to hydroquinone, tretinoin, hydrocortisone, or other medicine ingredients. If you are pregnant, a nursing mother, or planning for pregnancy, it is advised to your healthcare provider before using this triple combination medicine.

    A Ret HC cream is not recommended for children below ten. Do not apply the product on open wounds, sunburned skin, dry, windburned, chapped, or irritated skin. Avoid sun exposure while using the cream, as it may make skin more sensitive to sunlight. Wear protective clothing and wear sunscreen while stepping out in the sun. Do not apply the formulation in large amounts or use it for prolonged periods than prescribed as it does not tend to give quick results but causes side effects. Do not cover or wrap the treated area of the skin with a bandage unless advised by your dermatologist. Avoid smoking until the formulation has dried completely on your skin, and do not use the product near flame or high heat as it is flammable.

    The triple combination cream may interact with topical antibiotics like benzoyl peroxide. However, if you use any other topical medication, please inform your dermatologist before using tretinoin, hydroquinone, and hydrocortisone.


    Side Effects

    If any adverse reactions or other symptoms you think are because of this topical formulation persist for longer, please consult your dermatologist. The possible side effects of A Ret HC cream include dry skin, redness, burning, itching, irritation, or stinging sensation of the skin.


    How to Use

    Use as directed by the dermatologist. Apply topically. Wash hands after each application. It is advised to check the label for the correct usage. Clean and pat dry the affected area; now, use a small amount of A Ret HC cream on the fingertip and apply it. Avoid contact with the nose, mouth, ears, or vagina. In case of accidental contact with these areas, rinse with water thoroughly.

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    Generic Name

    Hydroquinone 2% + Tretinoin 0.05% + Hydrocortisone 1%


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