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    Acrotac 10mg Tablet

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    Generic ForSoriatane
    Generic NameAcitretin
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    Acrotac 10 mg is a prescription medicine used to treat extensive and serious forms of various skin disorders. This medicine is used when the skin has become thick and maybe scaly, resulting from disturbances of the outer layer of skin. Such skin conditions do not respond to other conventional therapies satisfactorily. The medicine contains the active ingredient Acitretin, which belongs to a class of medications known as retinoids. It is normally used under the guidance of a skin specialist (dermatologist). Retinoids are related to Vitamin A, which works by slowing down cell growth in the skin. Acitretin is effective against severe forms of psoriasis in adults. Psoriasis is a skin disorder that causes cells in the outer layer of the skin to grow abnormally faster and pile up on the skin’s surface. The patient’s skin becomes inflamed in this condition and produces red, thickened areas, often silvery. Because psoriasis medicine can have serious side effects, you should consult your doctor to see if the medication is right for you. It may take up to 2 to 3 months before you begin not to notice signs of improvement. The skin condition gets worse in some patients when they receive Acitretin therapy for the first time. The drug has not been studied in paediatric patients. Please, consult your doctor before using Acrotec 10 mg capsules for the treatment of psoriasis in adults.

    Product Description

    You must not take Acrotac capsules if you are pregnant or breastfeed. If there is a chance you could get pregnant during the treatment, please inform your doctor. If you are already taking an antibiotic called tetracycline or a medicine called methotrexate, then you should not take Acitretin. Taking other retinoid formulations or vitamin A supplements and Acrotac can cause drug interaction; hence, it should be avoided. You should not be taking Acitretin if you are allergic to it.  Tell your doctor before taking this drug if:

    • you suffer from high levels of sugar in the blood
    • you have high levels of fat in the bloodstream
    • you are going out in sunlight or have excessive sun exposure
    • you have ever had mental health issues

    Side Effects

    Very common side effects of Acitretin 10 mg are:

    • Irritated, dry, or swollen eyes,
    • Dry, irritated, or runny nose
    • Dryness or inflammation of the lips
    • Changes in how your liver functions
    • Increased levels of fat in your bloodstream
    • Dry mouth

    How to Use

    Take Acrotac 10 mg capsules exactly as your doctor has told you. Consult your doctor if you do not understand the dosing regimen prescribed by your doctor. Take Acrotac 10 mg capsules with food with a drink of milk. Swallow the capsules whole, do not chew or open the capsule. The dose varies from one patient to another; therefore, it is important to take it under a doctor’s supervision. Your doctor will decide whether the drug is right for you or not. For adults and elderly patients, the recommended dose for adults and older people is 25 mg once a day. After 2 to 4 weeks of therapy, your doctor may make changes in your regular dosing regimen. This usually depends on how well your medication works and how it affects you. Most people take this Acitretin tablet for three months. However, it is your doctor who will decide the duration of the treatment. You must not take this psoriasis drug for more than six months at a time. Acrotac capsules should not be given to children. If you have doubt, please talk to your doctor.

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