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    Brinolar 1% (5ml) Eye Drop

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    Generic NameBrinzolamide opthalmic suspension 1%
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    Brinolar 1% is supplied as a sterile aqueous suspension of brinzolamide. Each ml of this product contains 1% of brinzolamide, which belongs to a class of medications known as carbonic anhydrase inhibitors. It works by reducing pressure within the eye. High pressure can lead to an illness called glaucoma. If the pressure is too high, it can damage your eyesight.

    Product Description

    Brinolar 1% is contraindicated in hypersensitive patients to any product component. The ophthalmic suspension should not be used in patients with severe renal impairment also if you are allergic to medicines called sulphonamides. Examples include medicines used to treat diabetes, infections, and diuretics. You should also avoid the use if you have too much acidity in your blood.

    If you have further questions, ask your doctor for advice.

    Speak to your doctor before using Brinolar 1% if any of the following applies to you:

    — You have kidney or liver disorders

    — You have dry eyes or cornea problems

    — You are taking other sulphonamide medicines

    — You have specific glaucoma in which pressure inside the eye increases because the eye bulges forward and blocks fluid drainage. The condition is often referred to as narrow-angle glaucoma.

    — You have developed a severe skin rash or skin peeling.

    Side Effects

    Common side effects of Brinolar 1% include blurred vision, eye pain, itchy eye, dry eye, redness of the eye, abnormal eye sensation, eye pain, eye irritation, eye discharge, and bad taste. Some uncommon side effects of the ophthalmic suspension are:

    • Redness or swelling
    • Deposits in eye
    • Tired eyes
    • Burning sensation
    • Increased pigmentation of the eye
    • Eyelid crusting
    • Increased tear production
    • Inflammation or infection of the conjunctiva
    • Eye swelling

    If you get any side effects, talk to your doctor.

    How to Use

    The recommended dose is one drop in the affected eye twice a day or as prescribed.

    Usage instructions

    — Wash your hands before handling the ophthalmic solution.

    — Tilt your head back. Pull down your eyelid with a clean finger to make a pocket between the eyelid and your eye. Squeeze the bottle to administer one drop in the affected eye.

    — Do not touch your eye, eyelid, surrounding areas, or other surfaces with the dropper.

    — After using Brinzolamide ophthalmic solution, press a finger to the corner of your eye, by the nose, for at least a minute. This helps to stop the ophthalmic solution from getting into the rest of the body.

    — If you have been told to use the ophthalmic solution in both eyes, repeat the steps for both eyes.

    If using other eye drops, wait for at least five minutes after putting Brinolar solution. Eye ointments should be applied at last. If you stop using the eye drops without speaking to your ophthalmologist, the pressure in your eye will not be controlled, which could lead to losing eyesight.

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    Generic Name

    Brinzolamide opthalmic suspension 1%


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