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    Calaptin 40mg Tablet

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    Generic ForCalan
    Generic NameVerapamil
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    Calaptin 40 mg (Verapamil) is a drug given in hypertension-like conditions. It belongs to the category of calcium channel blockers.

    It aids in smooth arterial blood flow and reduces blood pressure. Verapamil is given for hypertension, chronic stable angina and other heart-associated problems.

    It also treats chest pain, irregular heartbeat, and other cardiovascular conditions like cardiomyopathy. Verapamil is a calcium channel blocker that stops the influx of calcium ions through L-type calcium channels. Inhibiting the entry of calcium channel decrease the contractility of arterial smooth muscles and promotes vasodilation. This all leads to the relaxation of blood vessels and aids in smooth arterial blood flow. In this way, it reduces the overall blood pressure.

    Product Description

    Always inform your doctor about the drugs you are taking to date. This way, a doctor can decide and give you the list of drugs and other things that may interact with Verapamil. Do not take Calaptin 40 mg if you are:

      allergic to medicines, foods and other substances

      allergic to Verapamil or any other ingredient of the drug

      pregnant or planning to become pregnant

      breastfeeding as the drug may pass into the breast milk and harm the baby

    Inform your doctor if you have liver or heart problems. Also, mention to him if you have muscular dystrophy, taking medication for hypertension and cancer or have Porphyria.

    Side Effects

    All medicines have side effects; sometimes, they are serious, but most of the time, they are not. Common side effects of Calaptin are:

     Nausea and vomiting


     Tired feeling




     Stomach pain

    Serious side effects which need medical attention are as follows:

     Severe dizziness

     Rashes, itching or hives

     Yellowing of skin or eyes

     Abdominal pain and discomfort

     Chest pain

     Irregular heartbeat

    How to Use

    Always take the dose as prescribed by the physician. It is very important to consume medicine timely. The general recommended dose starts from 40 mg and can be increased or decreased depending upon the patient’s condition. With time, dose adjustments are generally made according to how the patient responds to the treatment.

    Swallow the whole tablet with a glass full of water. Calaptin 40 mg can be taken with or without food a day. It is the best way to take medicine same time daily because it shows the best results and helps to remember when to take the drug.

    It is important to take the drug as instructed by your doctor. Abrupt discontinuation of medicine can cause adverse reactions. So before stopping the drug intake, always consult a physician first.

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    Generic Name

    Calaptin 40mg


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