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    Cyclomune 0.1% Eye Drop

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    Generic ForCyclosporine
    Generic NameCyclosporine
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    Cyclomune eye drops 0.05% contain the active ingredient cyclosporine, which belongs to a class of drugs known as immunosuppressive agents. It effectively treats inflammation of the cornea; a condition termed keratitis in adults. It can also increase tear production in patients with dry eye conditions where the tear is suppressed due to ocular inflammation associated with keratoconjunctivitis. It helps to decrease the inflammation in the eye by increasing tear production. It helps to lubricate your eye and reduces discomfort and pain in the eye.

    In general, your eyes produce enough natural tears to help them move easily and comfortably and to remove dust and other particles. If your eyes do not produce enough tears, they become dry, red, and painful. Dry eyes can occur due to sun, wind, computer use, and some medications. Cyclomune eye drops maintain lubrication and can relieve the dryness in your eye. This further protects your eyes from injury and infection. The ophthalmic product is safe to use with few side effects. Wearing contact lenses while applying the formulation can be harmful.

    Product Description

    Do not drive until your vision becomes clear. The ophthalmic product is not for use in children aged below 18 years of age. Remember to wash your hands before using the medication to avoid side effects. Try not to touch your eye or anything else with the dropper’s tip. Try not to use the product at the same time each day. Use the prescribed amount of eye drops. Do not stop the treatment unless directed by your doctor.

    Side Effects

    The most commonly reported side effects of Cyclomune 0.05% include a burning sensation and blurred vision in the eye. However, these are usually not bothersome and resolve on their own. If any of these effects worry you or persist for longer, don’t hesitate to contact your doctor.

    How to Use

    Wash your hands before and after applying the medication. Make sure you remove your contact lenses before applying this eye solution. The contact lenses can be reinserted fifteen minutes after application. Patients with decreased tear production should not wear contact lenses because they can further damage their cornea. You should apply for the medicine as directed by your doctor. The product is for ophthalmic use only. This medicine’s most common side effects are eye irritation, blurred vision, pain, and itching. Do not drive until your vision becomes clear.

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