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    Cyclophil Me 100mg Capsule

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    Generic ForCyclosporin
    Generic NameCyclosporine
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    Cyclophil Me 100 mg is a prescription treatment used after organ or bone marrow transplantations to help prevent organ rejection. It reduces the immune response, so your body does not attack the new organ. It is also used to treat autoimmune conditions such as severe psoriasis, nephrotic syndrome, and rheumatoid arthritis. Cyclophil Me comes in the form of soft gelatin capsules. Each capsule contains 100 mg of Cyclosporine, categorized under the class of drugs known as immunosuppressants. These drugs majorly work by suppressing or reducing the body’s immune response. So, when you receive a transplant, your immune system cannot identify the new organ and make an effort to reject it. Cyclosporin, the medicine’s active ingredient, reduces this response, thus allowing your body to accept the new organ.

    Product Description

    Cyclosporine should be avoided in people with allergic reactions to either Cyclosporin or any medicine ingredients.

    When treating autoimmune conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, and nephrotic syndrome, do not take Cyclophil Me if you have abnormal kidney function, uncontrolled infection, uncontrolled blood pressure, cancer, or inherited or acquired immune deficiency. Cyclosporine may affect your body’s ability to fight against infection and may increase the risk of developing cancers of the skin and lymphoid system. Hence, you should limit sun exposure by wearing appropriate sun protective measures.

    Before you use Cyclosporine, speak to your doctor if any of the following applies to you:

    Do you have any current or have had past health conditions

    You are taking other medications (prescription or herbal supplements)

    You are to receive a vaccination

    You have high levels of potassium in your bloodstream

    You suffer from gout

    You are or become pregnant

    You are breastfeeding

    Renal functions should be carefully monitored in elderly patients. If you are over the age of 65 years with psoriasis, you should not be treated with the medicine. Talk to your doctor for more information.

    Side Effects

    Common side effects include high blood pressure, loss of appetite, acne, headache, kidney disease, liver problems,   weakness, anxiety, slightly trembling of the hands, increased levels of lipids, stomach ulcer, hot flushes, swollen gums, high blood sugar, increased potassium in the body, night sweats hearing loss, swelling of the face, etc.

    Talk to your doctor immediately if you develop any unwanted side effect that troubles you or persists over a longer duration.

    How to Use

    Follow your doctor’s advice when taking Cyclophil Me 100 mg. You should check with your doctor if you are unsure. Avoid making any changes to your dosing regimen. Discuss with your doctor if you wish to change the dosing regimen. The doses usually depend on the report of blood tests and your response to this medicine. You can take medicine before or after consuming food, but it would be best to take it with food. Make sure you do it the same way each time. Never take this immunosuppressant with grapefruit juice.

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