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    Cyclophil Me 50mg Capsule

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    Generic ForCyclosporin
    Generic NameCyclosporine
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    Cyclophil Me 50 mg is used with other medications to stop your body from rejecting a transplanted heart, liver, or kidney. It contains Cyclosporine, an immunosuppressive drug that suppresses your body’s immune power. The immune system helps your body guard against invading foreign bodies, which can cause infections and illnesses, thereby preventing common or dangerous diseases. The same immune system can be a disadvantage during an organ transplant as it will treat the organ implanted as a foreign body. Your body will reject it (organ) completely from integrating.

    Cyclophil me reduces this immune response and allows your body to accept the new organ.

    Your doctor may also prescribe  Cyclophil Me 50 to treat severe rheumatoid arthritis and psoriasis skin disease.

    Product Description

    Don’t take Cyclosporine medication (Sandimmune, Panimum) if you are allergic to it. Cyclosporine lowers blood cells, which are the primary bodyguard against infections. It can also cause your body to generate a large quantity of certain white blood cells. All of these can result in serious and sometimes fatal outcomes like cancer. This serious brain infection can cause disability or death, or your body is catching a virus that can lead to the failure of a transplanted kidney. Cyclosporine usage over time may also increase the likelihood of developing skin cancer. Ask your doctor about all the risks associated with this medication.

    Cycophil Me 50 mg, an immunosuppressive drug, may increase your likelihood of catching serious and life-threatening infections and cancer or render the transplant useless. Therefore, you must avoid contact with sick people or places where the chances of catching an infection are high, like a hospital. While taking this medication, you must undergo regular medical tests to ensure that it is not causing dangerous effects. Don’t avoid any prescribed tests.

    Cyclosporine can be detrimental to your kidney health, and the danger increases manifold if you also take some other drugs that are damaging to kidneys. So tell your doctor beforehand if you take other medications, including OTCs or related products.

    Side Effects

    Cyclophil Me 50 mg may lead to some serious side effects like skin hives, breathing difficulty, swelling in different places, fever, chills, body aches, flu symptoms, change in mental state, vision problems, speech, and walking problems, pale or yellow colored skin, dark urine, weakness or confusion, concentration difficulty, lightheadedness, shortness of breath, increase heart rate, decrease urination, cough with mucus or blood, excessive sweating, tremors, increased potassium in the blood (muscle weakness, tingly feeling), low magnesium (slow reflexes, jerky muscle movements), high blood pressure, or high sugar.

    How to Use

    You must take Cyclophil Me 50 mg exactly as prescribed by your doctor. Don’t alter the prescribed dosage unless or unless otherwise directed by your doctor, who may occasionally change your dosage. Always store Cyclosporine medication in a cool and dry place. Ensure that children or pets don’t have access to it or any other medications.

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