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    Duphaston 10mg Tablet

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    Generic NameDydrogesterone
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    Duphaston 10 mg can be prescribed alone or with estrogen for problems you may get when your body does not produce enough progesterone. Each film-coated tablet contains 10 mg of dydrogesterone, an artificial hormone similar to the hormone progesterone.

    Duphaston 10 mg helps in the following conditions:

    — Painful periods

    — Symptoms of endometriosis (a condition caused by the womb lining outside the womb)

    — Fertility issues occur due to low levels of progesterone hormone in the body.

    — Irregular periods

    — Re-start periods that have stopped before the menopause (amenorrhoea)

    — Stop or prevent unusually heavy or long periods

    To treat symptoms of menopause, this therapy is often referred to as hormonal replacement therapy. Doctors usually prescribe estrogen to treat the signs of your menopause. These symptoms vary from woman to woman.

    The progestogen is normally produced in your ovaries from puberty until your menopause. Dydrogesterone in Duphaston replaces this missing hormone. Normally, a progestogen is balanced against the major female hormone estrogen. Your doctor may also prescribe an estrogen medication for you to receive the right balance of hormones. For some women, hormone replacement therapy using estrogen as monotherapy can cause abnormal thickening of the womb lining. This may also be the case if you do not have a uterus and have a history of endometriosis. Taking Duphaston tablets for part of your monthly cycle helps prevent the buildup of your uterus lining.

    Product Description

    Duphaston 10 mg should not be used under the following conditions:

    — Known allergy to dydrogesterone or any of the ingredients present in the medicine

    — Known or suspected sex hormone-dependent malignancies

    — Presence of serious liver disorders

    — Vaginal bleeding where the cause has not been identified

    — Contraindications for the use of estrogens along with progestogens such as dydrogesterone in combined therapy.

    Caution should be taken before starting treatment with dydrogesterone because of dysfunctional uterine bleeding; an organic cause should be excluded. Breakthrough bleeding and frequent spotting may occur during the initial months of treatment.

    If any of the following conditions occur during use for the first time or get worse, consider stopping the treatment:

    • A significant increase in the blood pressure
    • Occurrence of venous thromboembolism

    Severe headaches, migraine, or symptoms may indicate cerebral ischemia.

    Side Effects

    Common side effects of Duphaston 10 mg are headache, migraine, breast pain, feeling dizzy, being sick, and feeling depressed. Stop taking medicine and see a doctor immediately if you develop serious issues like liver problems and allergic reactions.

    How to Use

    The following dosing regimen is recommended for treatment with Duphaston. The number of tablets can be adjusted according to the severity of the condition to be treated and the patient’s responses to the treatment. If you have periods, day one of your cycle is when you start bleeding. If you do not have periods, your doctor will decide with you when to start day one of the cycle and when to start taking your tablets. Swallow the tablet with water. You can take them before or after consuming food. Talk to your doctor to get the correct dosing regimen for you.

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