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    Eflora Cream 15gm

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    Generic ForVaniqa
    Generic NameEflornithine Hydrochloride Cream
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    This cream helps in treating hirsutism (known as male-patterned hair growth in a woman) condition; it also can be understood as an abnormal overproduction of androgens due to menopause. Eflora is specially designed to reduce facial hair growth to improve the appearance and overall look of a female, but it does not mean that it will put an end to your hair growth. Male can also use this cream if needed. Vaniqa is an equivalent brand of this medicine and Eflornithine (active ingredient), sold under the brand name Vaniqa among others. Eflornithine Topical is the main active pharmaceutical ingredient present in Eflora Cream. Eflornithine is used by female patients to slow down undesirable hair growth. Patients usually use this medication in combination with other treatments.

    Product Description

    Do not use this cream for any other infection without a doctor’s consultation. Do not share this cream with anyone else, even if they have similar symptoms as you have. In case you do not feel better after completing the medication prescribed by the doctor, then consult your doctor immediately. Store the cream at room temperature. Do not freeze it. You must let your doctor know about your past medical history. Carry the complete list of all medications you may are using, especially other topical drugs such as cream or lotion. Do not apply two types of medications at one time without consulting your doctor; it may show drug interaction.

    Side Effects

    Like other medicines, Eflora cream too has some side effects, keep these side effects in mind when you buy Eflora cream. Itching, irritation of the skin, peeling of the skin, swelling, stinging, and burning are the common side effects of Eflora. If any of these effects continue for a long time, contact your doctor immediately. Eflora may rarely cause serious side effects such as skin thinning or discoloration, allergic reaction, severe dizziness, painful blisters, red bumps, loss of skin color, follicle irritation, and ingrown hairs.

    How to Use

    If you are tired of having unwanted facial hair, then you can consider Eflora cream. It should be applied topically two times a day, at least 8 hours apart or as directed by your doctor. Wait for at least 5 minutes after hair removal before applying this medication. Wash and dry the affected area before applying the medication. Then apply a thin layer to the affected area and massage skin gently until it is absorbed. Do not mix Eflora cream with other medications. Consult with your skincare specialist to know the correct amount of cream to be applied on your skin. Apply the quantity exactly as prescribed by the doctor.  Also, apply the cream until it is prescribed. Do not stop or quit the course even if you feel better. You should complete the prescribed duration.

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    1 Tube, 3 Tube, 6 Tube

    Generic Name

    Eflornithine Hydrochloride Cream


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