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    Eldicet 50mg Tablet

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    Eldicet 50 mg is a treatment option for irritable bowel syndrome or IBS. It contains the active ingredient Pinaverium bromide, which has antispasmodic effects on gastrointestinal smooth muscle and can relieve major IBS symptoms. IBS is a functional bowel disease characterized by recurrent abdominal pain, bowel disturbances, and intestinal discomfort. It is also used to treat symptoms related to functional diseases of the biliary tract.

    Pinaverium belongs to a class of calcium antagonists, which induces a relaxation of the gastrointestinal and the biliary tracts and mainly of the colon, inhibiting the colonic motor response to food or pharmacological stimulation, implying the activity of the medicine in irritable bowel syndrome.

    Product Description

    Eldicet 50 is contraindicated in patients with known hypersensitivity to Pinaverium or any of the excipients.

    Contact of Eldicet with the oesophageal mucosa may be irritating. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that the tablet be taken with a glass of water during mealtime. The tablet must be swallowed without being chewed or sucked.

    Because there is an increased risk of oesophagal lesions, instructions on the method of administration of Pinaverium should be carefully adhered to.

    Patients with pre-existing oesophagal lesions and hiatus hernia should pay special attention to the correct method of administration of Eldicet.

    The safety and effectiveness of Pinaverium have not been established in children, and research is limited. Therefore, the medicine is not recommended for use in children.

    The medicine should not be administered to relieve motility dysfunction because of an underlying organic disease.   Before taking   Eldicet, inform your doctor if you have glucose galactose intolerance because it may lead to the risk of damaging part of the upper gastrointestinal tract, such as the oral cavity,

    A dry mouth may occur as a side effect of the medicine. Frequent mouth rinses, good oral hygiene, increased water intake, and sugarless candy may help. Drinking plenty of fluids and staying hydrated while taking medicine is advisable.

    Clinical trials have demonstrated the absence of any interaction between Pinaverium and oral anti-diabetics, insulin, digitalis drugs, oral anticoagulants, and heparin. Co-administration of an anticholinergic drug should also be avoided.

    Side Effects

    Minor side effects were reported and listed as mild and moderate. There were mainly minor digestive disorders that may be related to the disease, such as epigastric pain or fullness, constipation, nausea, distention, heartburn, and diarrhoea.

    Other systems include headache, drowsiness, dryness of the mouth, vertigo, and skin allergy.

    How to Use

    The treatment of IBS is based on the type and severity of the symptoms. The use of antispasmodics like Pinaverium bromide is to improve IBS symptoms. Take medicine as prescribed by your doctor. Depending on your medical condition, you are advised to take medicine for as long as your doctor has prescribed it. The usual adult dosage is 50 mg three times a day. The dosage may be increased up to 100mg, taken thrice daily. It is recommended that the tablet be taken with a glass of water during meals or snacks. Do not swallow the tablet while lying or just before bedtime. The duration of treatment depends on the disorders for which Eldicet is given.

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    Generic Name

    Pinaverium Bromide


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