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    Ezedoc 10mg Tablet

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    Generic ForZetia
    Generic NameEzetimibe
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    Ezedoc 10 mg can be used alone or along with statin drugs to lower the cholesterol levels. It is consumed along with a low-fat, low-cholesterol diet to fight high cholesterol. It is also used for the treatment of high blood sitosterol and campesterol. The active ingredient present in the medicine is Ezetimibe, which is used along with various other lifestyle changes to lower the cholesterol levels in the body. It is a cholesterol-lowering drug that prevents the body from absorbing more cholesterol and other sterols from the food you eat. High cholesterol levels are very harmful to the body. They are the welcome signal for various cardiovascular problems.it can also lead to kidney failure among other serious problems. This is a cholesterol-lowering drug that works by lowering the absorption of cholesterol in the intestine. If this medicine is used in combination with a healthy diet and certain lifestyle changes like walking daily for 30 minutes, then it may give good results in people with cholesterol problems.

    Product Description

    Avoid grapefruit while taking Ezedoc 10 mg. Also, avoid a high-fat diet and alcohol while taking this medicine. Try to involve in daily exercise and a healthy diet in your daily routine. Keep a complete record of all the medicines you are taking along with this medicine. Always take a low cholesterol diet, eat fibrous foods and fruits, and do physical exercise as it will give enhanced results in lowering high levels of lipids. Increase the intake of fibrous products like Apples, bananas, and peach as it will help you to cut down on saturated fat.

    Side Effects

    Ezedoc 10 mg is usually safe and well-tolerated. A very few people experience side effects associated with this drug. The common ones are diarrhea, dizziness, hair loss, hot flushes, depression, tiredness, anaemia, interstitial lung disease, tenderness in muscles, muscle cramps, headache, and pain in joints and muscles. The information regarding the side effects of Ezedoc 10 mg given here is not complete. For more information, please discuss it with your doctor.

    How to Use

    Ezedoc 10 mg can be taken once in a day with or without food a day. It is best to take it at the same time daily because it shows the best results and helps to remember when to take the drug. You may need to take Ezedoc 10 mg for a long period to keep high cholesterol levels in check. It is important to take the drug as instructed by your doctor. Abrupt discontinuation of medicine can cause adverse reactions. So before stopping the drug intake, always consult a physician first.

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