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    Glynase XL 10Mg Tablet

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    Generic ForGlucotrol XL
    Generic NameGlipizide
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    Glynase XL 10 mg is a medicine you take orally. It is an effective treatment for patients with Type 2 diabetes. Your doctor prescribes a Glynase tablet because your current antidiabetic treatment, including diet and exercise, has not been able to bring adequate glycaemic control. Your body produces insulin to keep the amount of sugar in your bloodstream at an appropriate level. With type 2 diabetes:

    — Your body may not be making enough insulin

    — Your body may not be using the insulin that your body has already made

    — The level of sugar in your bloodstream is too high

    Uncontrolled blood sugar may lead to serious medical problems, such as kidney disorders, nerve damage, vision loss,  problems with circulation, high blood pressure, loss of feet,  legs, or other limbs, heart attack, or stroke.

    Glynase XL 10 mg contains the active ingredient Glipizide works by:

    — Helping the body to produce more of its insulin hormone

    — Helping the body respond better to its insulin

    — Lowering the amount of sugar made by the body

    Even after you begin treatment with Glynase XL, you must continue to follow the treatment program that includes healthy eating and regular exercise.

    Product Description

    Do not use Glynase XL 10 mg if you have diabetic ketoacidosis or are allergic to Glipizide.

    Only your doctor can decide if Glipizide is appropriate for you. Before you start taking the antidiabetic agent medicine, let your doctor know if you:

    — Taking any prescription medicines or non-prescription medicines, including herbal remedies. Other medications can increase your chance of lowering or high blood sugar. Be sure to inform your doctor if you take the medicine miconazole or fluconazole, used to fight off fungal infections

    — Have liver or kidney problems

    — Have you ever had a condition called diabetic ketoacidosis

    — Have chronic diarrhoea

    — Have you had blockage or narrowing of your intestines due to illness or past surgery

    — Have glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency (G6PD). The condition is genetic. People with G6PD deficiency who take Glynase may develop hemolytic anaemia.

    — If you are pregnant, your doctor may switch you to using insulin injections sometime during your pregnancy. You should strictly avoid Glipizide during the last month of pregnancy.

    — If you are breastfeeding, the antidiabetic agent may pass to the baby through your ilk and cause harm.

    Side Effects

    Glynase XL may lower your blood sugar to extremely low levels, which can be dangerous. The condition is often referred to as hypoglycemia. This can develop especially if you do not follow proper diet and exercise programs, drink alcohol, are under stress, or get sick. This could also happen when your dose is too high.

    If you notice side effects that become troublesome, please inform your doctor.

    How to Use

    Take Glynase 10 once a day with breakfast. This antidiabetic medicine comes in the form of an extended-release tablet designed to release the medicine slowly over 24 hours. This is the reason you have to take it once daily. Swallow the tablet whole with a glass full of water. Do not crush, chew or break the tablet in half. This could cause the release of too much medicine into your body at one time. If your blood sugar is not under control, please consult your doctor.

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