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    Gravitor 60mg Tablet

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    Generic ForMestinon
    Generic NamePyridostigmine
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    Gravitor 60 mg is useful in the treatment of myasthenia gravis, a medical condition characterized by weakness and rapid fatigue of any of the muscles under your voluntary control. Muscle weakness is caused by a breakdown in the normal communication between nerves, nerves, and muscles. There is no cure for this condition, but treatment can relieve signs and symptoms such as weakness of arms or legs, drooping eyelids, and problems with chewing, swallowing, chewing, and breathing. Gravitor contains the active ingredient Pyridostigmine, which reduces and improves muscle weakness.

    Product Description

    Gravitor is contraindicated in patients with:

    — Known hypersensitivity to the active ingredient or any other inactive ingredients of the medicine

    — Gastrointestinal or urinary obstruction

    Pyridostigmine bromide tablets should be used with caution in patients with epilepsy, bradycardia, bronchial asthma, hyperthyroidism, recent coronary occlusion, peptic ulcer, and arrhythmias.

    Large doses of the medicine should be avoided in patients with megacolon or decreased gastrointestinal motility. Kin these patients, accumulation of drugs may occur and result in toxicity when gastrointestinal motility is restored.

    There is no evidence to suggest that Gravitor has any special effects on the elderly. However, elderly patients may be more susceptible to dysrhythmias than younger adults. Pyridostigmine is mainly excreted unchanged by the kidneys; therefore, lower doses may be required in patients with kidney disorders. Treatment should be based on titration of drug dosage to effect.

    Gravitor 60 mg should not be used during cyclopropane or anaesthesia; however, it may be used after the withdrawal of these agents. In severe cases, as many as 25 pills daily may be required, while mild cases can be treated with one to six tablets.

    Patients with rare hereditary problems of galactose intolerance, Lapp lactase deficiency, or glucose-galactose malabsorption should not take this medicine.

    The safety of this medicine during pregnancy or lactation has not been established.

    Side Effects

    The side effects of Gravitor 60 mg are most commonly related to overdosage and generally are of two varieties, muscarinic and nicotinic. Among those in the former group are nausea, diarrhoea, vomiting, increased peristalsis, bronchial secretions, salivation, abdominal cramps, miosis, and diaphoresis. Nicotinic effects are comprised chiefly of muscle cramps, weakness, and fasciculation. Muscarinic side effects can usually be counteracted by atropine but are less likely to cause severe illness. Such adverse reactions usually subside promptly upon treatment discontinuation. If any of these become troublesome, contact your doctor right away.

    How to Use

    The dosage, route, and frequency of administration usually depend on the requirements and clinical response of the patients. The dosing regimen should be adjusted for each patient and changed as needed. Dosage requirements in patients with myasthenia gravis may vary according to remissions and exacerbations of the disease and the patient’s physical and emotional stress. A larger dose may be given when the patient is more prone to fatigue.

    During the initial treatment of myasthenia gravis, oral Gravitor should be started at a dosage smaller than required to produce maximum strength. The daily dosage gradually increased at intervals of 48 hours or more. When a further increment in dose produces no corresponding increase in muscle strength, dosage should be reduced to the previous level so that the patient receives the smallest dose as needed to produce maximum strength.

    The average dose is ten 60 mg tablets daily, spaced to provide maximum relief when maximum strength is needed. The medicine is extremely effective at treating a variety of conditions.

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