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    Levipil 750mg Tablet

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    Generic ForKeppra
    Generic NameLevetiracetam
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    Doctors may prescribe Levipil 750 mg for the treatment of partial onset seizure sin adults and children. The medicine has the active ingredient Levetiracetam which is also effective in treating tonic clonic seizures in adults and children who are above six years of age and myoclonic seizures in people who are at least twelve years old. Some people have thoughts of harming themselves during the initial days of the treatment. So, it is important to stay alert to your mood changes and to take the medicine only under the supervision of a doctor.

    Product Description

    You should not take Levipil 750 mg tablet if you are allergic to it. Be sure to tell your doctor if you have ever had kidney disease, mental illness, depression, or suicidal thoughts. While taking this anti-seizure drug, you may have thoughts about suicide. You should visit your doctor’s clinic for regular check-ups and discuss the mood changes. Your family members and loved ones should stay alert to notice changes in the behaviour.

    Side Effects

    Get immediate medical help if you witness signs of allergic reaction which may include breathing difficulties, a severe skin reaction, sore throat, burning of eyes, purple skin rash, skin pain, swelling in your face or throat. Report worsening of symptoms such as depression, irritation, behaviour changes, anxiety, trouble sleeping, or panic attacks. Contact your doctor if you notice unusual changes in the behaviour, extreme drowsiness, problems with walking, easy bruising, fever, chills, or weakness. Other common side effects of the medicine include loss of appetite, infection, stuffy nose, feeling aggressive, tiredness, or drowsiness.

    How to Use

    Follow all directions given mon your prescription and read all the guidelines associated with the use of the medicine. Your doctor may make dose adjustments depending on your condition as well as the response to the treatment. Usually it can be taken with or without meals. The doses for children are based on the weight of the children and the dose may change if the child gains or loses weight.

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