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    Metolar XR 100mg Capsule

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    Generic ForToprol XL
    Generic NameMetoprolol Succinate
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    Metolar XR 100 mg is used in the treatment of high blood pressure. The active ingredient of the drug is Metoprolol Succinate, which is a beta-blocker is mainly prescribed to treat hypertension. The medicine works by affecting the heart and circulation of blood flow through arteries and veins and thereby reducing high blood pressure. Metoprolol is categorized under the drug class known as beta-blockers. It is believed to work by blocking the effects of some chemicals inside the heart and blood vessels. The medicine slows down your heart rate and allows your heart to beat with less force which lowers the blood pressure.  This helps in reducing the risk of having heart complications such as a heart attack, kidney problems, kidney problems, and other heart problems.

    Product Description

    Before taking Metolar XR 100 mg, let your doctor know if you have complications associated with the liver. The hypertensive agent may not be suitable for some people who have a slow heart rate, low blood pressure, severe circulation problems, and heart failure. Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers should consult their doctor before taking Metoprolol succinate. You must discuss with your doctor to find out whether you are a suitable candidate for Metolar extended-release tablet. Your doctor will monitor your blood pressure levels regularly. Alcohol consumption may increase the risk of side effects.

    Side Effects

    Use the Metolar XR 100 mg only for the purpose specified and not for any other purpose. Store the medicine in a cool and dark place away from heat, light, and moisture and away from the reach of children. If you must undergo any surgery, you must tell your doctor that you are taking Metoprolol Succinate as the medicine needs to be stopped in such case for some time. The medicine may affect your reflexes and thinking capacity. Hence you must not indulge in an activity that requires a lot of alertness such as operating machinery, driving and likes. It is best not to consume alcohol when you are taking medicine as it may lead to several side effects.

    How to Use

    Take Metolar XR 100 mg as per your doctor’s prescription. The medicine is available in the form of extended-release tablet for oral administration.  The medicine is to be taken for the prescribed time provided by your doctor and should not be stopped in between as it may lead to adverse effect in the body. For the correct dose, please consult your doctor. Overdose of the medicine can lead to some series side effects. Some of the side effects of an overdose of medicine include breathlessness, uneven heartbeat, dizziness, bluish colour fingernails, seizure, weakness, or fainting. In case of an overdose of the medicine you must get in touch with your doctor immediately.

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    Generic Name

    Metolar XR 100mg


    Metolar XR 100mg

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