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    Mycobutol 800mg Tablet

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    Generic ForMyambutol
    Generic NameEthambutol
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    Mycobutol 800 mg contains the active ingredient Ethambutol, an antibiotic medicine used to treat all forms of tuberculosis. It effectively treats tuberculosis of the lungs, bones and joints, genital tract, urinary tract, eye, and brain. Tuberculosis is a bacterial infection that directly affects the lungs and even spreads to other body parts like the spine and brain. Ethambutol is ineffective against other viral, bacterial, or fungal diseases. The medicine works by destroying the bacteria responsible for causing tuberculosis and helps in reducing the infection.

    Product Description

    Inform your doctor if you have pre-existing health issues like diabetes, as it increases blood sugar levels. Diabetic patients should monitor their blood glucose levels regularly. The eyes, thyroid, and liver functioning should be closely monitored while taking Ethambutol. Do not take this medicine if you are allergic to it or its ingredients. Mycobutol tablets should be used with caution in patients with liver or kidney disease. Dose adjustment may be required.

    Side Effects

    Some people may develop vision changes and colour blindness as a side effect of the medicine. Please consult a healthcare professional if these side effects do not resolve or worsen. If you have been advised to take antacids that contain aluminium, take them at least four hours before or after taking Ethambutol 800 mg to avoid drug interaction.

    How to Use

    Follow the advice of your doctor when it comes to taking the medicine. Mycobutol 800 mg is a tablet you can take before or after consuming food. Complete the full course of treatment and do not skip doses even if you feel good. Your symptoms may improve before the completion of the course of treatment. Stopping the medication on your own can contribute to treatment failure and the development of drug-resistant tuberculosis, which can contribute to serious health complications.

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