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    Naltima 50 mg Tablet

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    Generic ForRevia
    Generic NameNaltrexone Hcl
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    Naltima 50 mg tablet is used if prescribed by a health care provider. Proper counselling and social support help patients who are dependent on alcohol. The medication effectively treats alcohol addiction; patients suffering from addiction to narcotic drugs are majorly prescribed for this medicine. Naltima 50 tablet is not recommended for patients aged less than 18 years. Naltrexone HCl is the generic Naltima 50 mg tablet; it is a special narcotic medication and getting sold under ReVia and Vivitrol. Buy Naltima online to get it delivered to the desired location.

    Product Description

    • Consuming alcohol while on a Naltrexone HCl treatment may result in fast heartbeats, nausea, thirst, chest pain, or low BP (blood pressure).
    • Avoid taking Naltrexone HCl for 12 hours after taking alcohol.
    • It may be recommended that this medicine be given to you by someone in your family or a caretaker to ensure that you are taking this anti-addiction medicine properly as prescribed. Naltrexone HCl can lead to side effects that may affect your thinking and reflexes capacity. Be extra careful and alert if you do an activity like driving that requires a high degree of mental awareness.
    • Try to carry an ID card or some badge that displays that you are using Naltrexone HCl. This will be very important in case of an emergency. Any healthcare provider who treats you must know in advance that you are using this medication.

    Side Effects

    Get medical help if you witness any allergic reaction like:

    Swelling, breathing issues, skin rashes, irritation, etc. Some other serious side effects of this medication are blurred vision, increased heart rate, mood swings, anxiety, confusion, hallucinations, self hurting thoughts. If you face any of the given side effects, call your doctor to discuss the condition.

    How to Use

    This medicine helps people who are addicted to certain drugs. Naltrexone HCl is used as part of a treatment program for drug abuse. Naltrexone belongs to opiate-antagonists (a class of drugs). It works in the brain and prevents the effects of opiate (e.g. pain relief, feeling of well being, etc.). The drug also decreases the desire to take opiates.

    The medication also works effectively in treating alcohol abuse cases. It works on a patient’s brain to stop taking alcohol or taking less altogether. Take Naltrexone HCl medication (Revia, Naltima) as prescribed by your doctor. Buy Naltima online or over the counter only if your doctor has prescribed it, and do not change the dosage. Take this medication regularly as prescribed to get the maximum benefit.

    Take the tablet with a glass of water. Do not break, crush or dissolve the tablet; take it as full.

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