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    Nevanac Eye Drop 5ml

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    Generic NameNepafenac Opthalmic Solution
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    The active ingredient of the drug is Nepafenac Opthalmic. The medicine is mainly used to reduce swelling or pain in the eye. Nepafenac Opthalmic is a NSAID, which relieves inflammation and pain in the eyes.

    Working of the drug:

    The medicine works by reducing inflammation and pain in the eyes post cataract surgery.

    Tell your doctor if you:

    • Are suffering from dry eye syndrome
    • Have arthritis, diabetes, hemophilia or any other disease.
    • Are taking any other medicine
    • Are allergic to any other medicine
    • Are pregnant, planning to be pregnant or breast feeding your baby


    How much to take the drug?

    You must take only the prescribed quantity of the drug. The recommended dose depends on several factors such as age, weight, severity of condition, drug interaction and so on. The dose will be prescribed to you after examining you thoroughly.

    How to take the drug?

    The drug needs to be taken exactly as prescribed your doctor. Wash your hands before applying the medicine. Tilt your head backward, and put the medicine on the affected eye. Do not wear contact lenses while using the medicine. Also close your eyes for few seconds after using the medicine.

    For how long to take it?

    The medicine is to be taken for the entire prescribed period of time and should not be stopped in between as it may lead to adverse effect in the body.


    Overdose of the medicine can lead to some side effects. Hence it should be avoided. In case of overdoes of the medicine you must get in touch with your doctor as soon as you can.

    Miss dose:

    In case of missed dose you must take the medicine as soon as you remember provided there is sufficient gap between two doses. Never double dose to compensate for the missed dose. Taking the dose at the same time each day can prevent one from forgetting to take the medicine.

    Side effects of the drug:

    Some of the common side effects of the medicine include:

    • Stinging or burning sensation in your eyes
    • Headache
    • Eye redness
    • Eye pain
    • Vision changes
    • Extreme watering
    • Swelling or discharge

    This is not a complete list of side effects that may happen. There are other side effects as well. If any of the side effects persist or gets serious then you must get in touch with your doctor as soon as you can.

    Things to remember:

    • Do not share the medicine with anyone even if the person is suffering from the same symptoms.
    • Use the medicine only for the purpose specified and not for any other purpose.
    • Store the medicine in a cool and dry pace away from heat, light and moisture.
    • Wash your hands properly before and after use.
    • The tip of the bottle should not touch your eye as your eye may get infected.
    • Do not wear contact lenses immediately after the medicine is applied. Wait at least for few minutes before putting the contact lenses back.

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    Generic Name

    Nepafenac Opthalmic solution


    Alcon Laboratories Inc, USA

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