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    Nodon 5mg Tablet

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    Generic ForNebilet
    Generic NameNebivolol
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    Nodon 5 mg containing Nebivolol (active ingredient) belongs to a group of drugs known as beta-blockers. The class of drugs works by blocking the activity of blocking the action of specific proteins in the lungs, heart, liver, pancreas, and blood circulation system. Nodon tablets help to prevent increased heart rate, controls heart pumping strength. The active ingredient of the medicine believed to cause dilation of blood vessels which contributes low blood pressure. The treatment applies to all patients diagnosed with heart failure. The management of hypertension involves lifestyle modifications along with medicinal treatment. In clinical trials, the medicine was determined to be safe and well-tolerated.

    Product Description

    Talk to your doctor before taking Nodon 5mg. If you are already suffering from kidney problems, do not take this beta-blocker drug for heart failure and discuss with your doctor, about your medical condition. The treatment should not be stopped unless prescribed your doctor. The medicine is not recommended for children and adolescents. Please consult your doctor for more information. Tell your doctor if you are using other medications to treat other medical conditions. Let your doctor if you take certain medicines including sedatives used for the treatment of mental illness, medicines to treat depression, anaesthesia, and other medicines for controlling blood pressure.

    Side Effects

    When Nodon 5 mg is prescribed for the treatment of high blood pressure, the possible side effects are tiredness, nausea, shortness of breath, dizziness, constipation, diarrhoea, swollen hand or feet, itching, headache, or tingling feeling. Other side effects of Nebivolol include impotence, depression, low blood pressure, slow heartbeat, abnormal vision, itchiness, skin rashes, breathless due to asthma or bronchospasm.

    How to Use

    Always take Nodon 5 mg as per your doctor’s instructions. If you are unsure about the exact dose and how often you need to take the achieve ideal blood pressure.  Your doctor may ask you to take the drug before or after meals. Consume the tablet with a glass of water. Usually 5 mg is recommended per day. Patients are instructed to take the drug daily at the same time. If you are an elderly patient, your doctor may ask you to start treatment with the lowest dose.  You may be able to see improvement in one to two weeks of treatment. The optimal effect is reached only four weeks, followed by diet restrictions recommended by your doctor. Your doctor may increase or decrease your dose until the correct dose is reached. After analysing your condition, your doctor will prescribe the dose that is right for you and it is important to follow your doctor’s instructions at every step. Taking Nebivolol once daily can help you gain control over your blood pressure levels.

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