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    Norflox Eye Drop 0.3% (10 ml)

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    Generic ForChibroxin
    Generic NameNorfloxacin Benzalkonium Chl.
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    Norflox eye drop 0.3% (10 ml) is a topical treatment of external ocular infections such as bacterial conjunctivitis and keratitis in adults and children. Bacterial conjunctivitis is defined as inflammation of the conjunctiva that covers both the eye’s surface and the lining of the undersurface of the eyelids. Use one drop of Norflox eye drop in the conjunctival sac of the affected eye. Keratitis is an inflammatory condition that targets the cornea (a part of the eye covering the iris and the pupil) of your eye.

    Product Description

    Norflox should not be used in individuals with a history of hypersensitivity to Norfloxacin or any other quinolone antibiotic. Its safety and effectiveness have not been established in pregnant and lactating women. A with other antibiotic solutions, prolonged use may cause an overgrowth of fungi. In case of superinfections, appropriate measures should be introduced. The topical solution is not for injection. Do not allow the tip of the bottle to contact the eye or surrounding areas. If the ophthalmic solution is handled inappropriately or the tip of the dispensing container contacts the eye or surrounding areas, it can become contaminated by bacteria responsible for causing infections. One may experience serious damage to the eye leading to vision loss from using contaminated formulations. If you develop redness, irritation, swelling or pain, it is important to consult a doctor immediately.

    Side Effects

    In clinical trials, the most frequently reported drug-related side effects were local burning and discomfort. Other associated side effects were corneal deposits, photophobia, conjunctival hyperemia (an adverse reaction that appears as dilation and redness of the conjunctival vessels) and a bitter taste following administering the ophthalmic solution.

    How to Use

    The suggested dose in adults and paediatric patients (1 year of age and older) is one or two drops of Norflox eye drop applied topically to the affected eye four times a day for a week. Depending on the severity of the bacterial infection, the dosage for the first day of the treatment may be one or two drops every two hours during the waking hours. Norfloxacin and other formulations should be administered at least fifteen minutes apart if another ophthalmic solution is used. If your ophthalmologist has also prescribed an eye ointment, be sure to apply it at last. If an allergic reaction to Norfloxacin eye drops occurs, discontinue the medicine.

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    Generic Name

    Norfloxacin Benzalkonium Chl.


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