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    Pyzina 500mg Tablet

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    Generic NamePyrazinamide
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    Pyzina is a Bacteriostatic and bacteriocidal antibiotic medication used to treat tuberculosis as a combination drug and Rifampicin (a medication known as antimycobacterial). Rifampicin does not work for colds, flu and other viral infections.

    Pyrazinamide antibiotic is prescribed mainly for treating tuberculosis (TB). It may also be used for the treatment of other infections. It acts against bacteria by killing them. This antibiotic slows down the growth or reproduction of the bacteria. It does that by inhibiting cell wall synthesis.

    Product Description

    There are some drugs which can interact with Pyrazinamide or vice versa. This medication can reduce the effects of allopurinol. Let your doctor know if you are using this medication or other medicines. Pyrazinamide may also affect Acetest and Ketostix urine tests for ketones.

    Drugs other than those mentioned here may also interact with Pyrazinamide. Do not start a new medication without going to a doctor or without proper medical advice.

    So it is necessary to consult your doctor about the following drugs such as:

    • Mycophenolate
    • Oxytetracycline
    • Typhoid Vaccine Live
    • Tetracycline
    • BCG Vaccine Live
    • Demeclocycline
    • Doxycycline
    • Lymecycline
    • Probenecid
    • Minocycline


    Things to remember:

    • Pyrazinamide (Pyzina) is a prescription-only drug and available only with a doctor’s prescription
    • Do not use this medication for any other infection without referring to the doctor
    • Do not freeze the medicine and store the medicine at room temperature
    • In case you do not feel comfortable after completing the dose prescribed by the doctor, then consult with your doctor immediately
    • The safety and efficacy of this drug is not established in children below 16 years of age

    Do not take this drug if you are:


    • Allergic to its ingredients
    • Have a history of allergies
    • Pregnant or planning to have a baby
    • Breastfeeding mother as the drug may pass into the mother’s milk
    • Have or ever had kidney problems or liver problems
    • Have asthma or hay fever
    • Taking oral contraceptives as this drug may inhibit the action of the oral contraceptives. So, consult your doctor about that too.

    Side Effects

    Pyrazinamide (Pyzina), like all medications, can cause side effects. However, not all people who take it will experience side effects. Side effects of this medication include fever, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, yellow skin or eyes, dark urine, difficult or painful urination, painful or swollen joints, worsening gout, and a rash. If you feel that you have a serious side effect due to this medication, get medical help immediately.

    The side effects mentioned above are non-exhaustive, and there may also be other side effects. Seek medical help if you witness any other severe side effects.

    How to Use

    The dosage depends on age, weight, medical condition, and response to the treatment. Hence doctor will decide your dose. Take the dose exactly as prescribed by the doctor.

    You should take the dose until you finish the prescription. Do not change the dose or stop it even if you feel better. You should complete the dose and treatment to achieve the desired result.

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