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    Rivamer 3 mg Capsule

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    Generic NameRivastigmine
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    Rivamer is prescribed mainly for people with mild to moderate dementia induced by Alzheimer’s. It helps the brain to improve its functions and abilities to think, communicate and remember. Rivamer contains Rivastigmine, a medication for Alzheimer’s Disease that helps improve the function of the nerve cells in the brain. It is a parasympathomimetic agent used to treat mild to moderate Alzheimer-related dementia. Rivastigmine functions by preventing the breakdown of an organic neurotransmitter chemical called acetylcholine. Acetylcholine is crucial for the processes of memory, thinking, and reasoning. This chemical is usually lower than normal in people with dementia.

    Product Description

    Do not take the drug if you are:

    • Allergic to this active ingredient Rivastigmine or any other drug ingredient.
    • Pregnant or planning to be pregnant
    • Breastfeeding as the drug may pass into the breast milk

    Tell your doctor if you have:

    • Diabetes history
    • Seizure disorder
    • Heart rhythm problems (arrhythmia)
    • Condition of vertigo or very fast heartbeat
    • High blood pressure
    • A history of epilepsy

    Drinking alcohol while receiving Rivamer 3 mg may result in nausea, fast heartbeats, flushing, thirst, chest pain, vertigo, or low blood pressure.

    Avoid taking Rivastigmine for at least 12 hours after consuming alcohol. Even after you have stopped taking Rivastigmine for several weeks, you may still see its effects if you drink alcohol.

    Rivastigmine may impact your thinking capabilities and reflexes. So take extra care while indulging in activities that require a high degree of mental awareness and thinking, such as driving.

    If you are scheduled for surgery, you may be required to suspend taking Rivastigmine for a short period. Notify your surgeon well in advance that you are taking this medication

    Side Effects

    You may witness or experience some side effects while taking Rivastigmine. Rivamer’s side effects are nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, dizziness, appetite loss, or weight loss. Seek emergency medical attention if any of these effects persist for a longer period or deteriorate further.

    Any serious side effect is rare but gets in touch with your doctor immediately if you have any of these serious side effects of Rivastigmine: fainting, unusually slow heartbeat, difficulty while urinating, seizures, black or bloody stools, bloody vomit that looks like coffee grounds, stomach pain/abdominal pain, or irregular heartbeat.

    These are not the only side effects of Rivastigmine medication. There may be others. Contact your doctor immediately if you experience serious side effects or if your condition worsens after taking Rivastigmine.

    How to Use

    Take the Rivamer 3mg exactly as prescribed by the doctor. The amount of medicine you take depends on the medicine’s strength and the patient’s condition.  Please do not use more of it, and do not use it more often than your doctor ordered.

    — If you take the capsules, you can swallow them with a glass of water. Do not break or crush the capsule.

    — Take medicine as prescribed by the doctor. Try to take the dose simultaneously each day; this reduces the chances of missing a dose.

    — Do not stop taking the capsules or change the dose without consulting your doctor. This drug is meant to be taken regularly, so keep on taking the drug as long as recommended by the doctor.

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