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    Rocaltrol 0.25mcg Tablet

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    Generic NameCalcitriol
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    Calcitriol is the main active pharmaceutical ingredient present in Rocaltrol tablets. Calcitriol belongs to the group of medications called vitamin D3 metabolites, which actively regulate and absorb the calcium from the gastrointestinal tract and its utilization in the body. This drug is used to correct the calcium and phosphate metabolism abnormalities in patients with renal osteodystrophy.

    This medicine treats conditions caused by abnormal parathyroid hormone levels or low calcium levels in the blood. It is usually used in people who are on dialysis. Calcitriol is sometimes used to treat or prevent rickets, osteomalacia, and hypophosphatemia and is used in premature babies with low blood calcium levels.

    Rocaltrol is an artificial vitamin D that helps to regulate calcium and phosphate levels in the body which are important for maintaining healthy, strong bones and teeth.

    Product Description

    Let your doctor know about your medical history; carry the list of all medications which you may be using, especially if you are taking: Antacids, Calcium supplements, Colestipol, Digoxin, Diuretics, Ketoconazole, Laxatives, Oral steroids such as dexamethasone, Cholestyramine, Other forms of vitamin D, and Phenytoin. However, this is incomplete information, as mentioning all the details for this drug is quite difficult. There may be other medications that may show interaction. Never start a new medication without consulting a doctor.

    Do not take Rocaltrol if you are/have:

    —  Allergic to this active ingredient Calcitriolor any other ingredient of the medicine

    — high levels of vitamin D or calcium in the blood

    — pregnant or planning to be pregnant soon

    — breastfeeding, as the drug may pass into the breast milk

    Inform your doctor if you have problems like high blood pressure, diabetes, kidney stones, blood vessel problem, high phosphate level in the blood, liver disease or a history of skin reactions such as rash, hives, and itching.

    Side Effects

    Diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, and rash are the common side effects of Rocaltrol. If any of these effects continue for a longer time or worsen, contact your doctor immediately.

    Calcitriol may rarely cause serious side effects such as increased thirst, urinating more than usual, pain in your lower back, uneven heart rate, weakness, drowsiness, bone pain, muscle weakness, nausea, constipation, loss of appetite, unexplained weight loss, metallic taste in your mouth. Information on the side effects of Calcitriol in this guide is incomplete, and there may be other side effects.

    How to Use

    Your doctor will decide the dosage; take the dose exactly as prescribed. Never take two 0.25 mg tablets to substitute one 0.5 mg Tablet.

    The drug is usually recommended to be taken with food. The tablet is to be swallowed with a glass of water. Take the dose until you complete the prescription. Do not change the dose or stop it even if you feel better. You should complete the prescribed dose.

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