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    Inhalation mode of medicine is the mainstay treatment for asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. The incorrect technique prevents patients from receiving appropriate dosage and reduce therapeutic benefits. Inhaled methods were specially designed to deliver medication directly to the airway, which helps to relieve symptoms associated with chronic lung disease. You and your health care specialist can pick the best delivery system among the variety of inhaling medications. A Rotahaler is a device meant to inhale capsules of powdered medication also called as Rotacaps. Your Rotahaler provides an appropriate dosage of respiratory illnesses for you to breathe. When you inhale through this device, it releases medication from the Rotacaps. If inhalation technique is correct, your medication will likely reach its exact place-your airways. Its portable size makes it a desirable method of drug inhalation.

    Product Description

    The Rotahaler was designed to make the inhaled drug more convenient and effective for those who are suffering from chronic respiratory illnesses. At present, there still doubts about the correct technique for using the Rotahaler in asthmatics. You can continue to use your Rotahaler regularly for up to six months, and after six months of daily usage, you may discard it and replace your device with a new one. For maximum benefits, it is important to clean your Rotahaler, and you can follow these simple steps to clean your inhalation device.

    • Hold the Rotahaler in such a way that the two halves of the device get separated.
    • Discard the empty Rotacaps
    • Wash the two halves of Rotahaler under running tap water
    • Shake the device well to remove left residues of the medicine or excess water and let it dry

    Note- Never use your Rotahaler if it is wet. Try not to insert any cloth or pin inside the mouthpiece to clean it.  By doing this, you may damage your inhalation device. Keep the bottle tightly closed to avoid exposure to moisture.

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    How to Use

    These steps outline the best usage technique of a Rotahaler:

    • Remove the Rotahaler from its pack to check out the mouthpiece firstly for foreign objects.
    • Hold the device vertically and carry the two halves of the Rotahaler in such a way that the fin does not appear directly below the Rotacaps hole.
    • After separating the device from its bottle, insert into the Rotacaps hole and make sure its transparent end will face downwards.
    • While holding the mouthpiece with one hand, rotate the base with the other hand.
    • Exhale and place the mouthpiece of the device between your teeth. Tightly close your lip and tilt your head slightly backwards and inhale the medication deeply through the plastic device
    • Once you breathe in the medication, hold your breath for ten seconds and for as long as you are comfortable in holding your breath. Then breathe out normally. Sometimes some, medication remains in the device, in that case, repeat step 5.
    • Open the device and take, out the empty capsule and dispose of it.

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