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  • Sibelium 5mg Tablet

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    Sibelium 5 mg effectively reduces the frequency of migraines in adults. Its’s active ingredient Flunarizine is used for the prevention of migraine headaches (with or without aura) in patients with frequent and severe attacks. It is extremely beneficial for those who have not responded satisfactorily to other treatments. Sibelium not only lowers the frequency of the attacks but also reduces the severity of migraines. The medicine does not treat acute attacks of asthma. Also, patients with a history of depressive illness, Parkinson’s disease or other brain disorders should not take Flunarizine 5 mg tablets.

    Product Description

    Speak to your health care specialist if you have a history of depression, movement disorders such as Parkinson’s disease, or are pregnant or planning to become pregnant. Some medicine may affect the way Sibelium 5 mg works to prevent migraines. Check with your health care provider if you are concerned about drug interactions. You may be advised to stop taking your prescription, or non-prescription medicines that may include vitamins and herbal supplements. Flunarizine tablets should always be taken under the supervision of health care experts. This may reduce the likelihood of side effects associated with the medicine. You can collect further information from your health care provider.

    Side Effects

    The common side effects of Sibelium 5 mg are drowsiness, depression, weight gain, nausea, anxiety, and heartburn. Anxiety and depression are commonly reported in adults who take Flunarizine tablets. Increased appetite and weight gain are associated with the use of Flunarizine tablet. Patients should weigh themselves twice a week and should discontinue using the drug if their weight is significantly increasing. Drowsy feeling and tiredness may affect your ability to drive. However, drowsiness ca be reduced by taking the dose during bedtime. Limited consumption of alcohol may also help with this side effect. If drowsiness is persistent, reduce your dose after consulting your health care expert. Depression and low mood may also occur. Depression can interfere with your daily routine; therefore, should be discussed with a health care professional. Other side effects of the medicine may include, breast pain, muscle pain, and irregular periods.

    How to Use

    Always follow your health care specialist’s instructions when it comes to taking Sibelium 5 mg tablet. Usually, it is taken once daily, preferably at night. The dose you may get through your health care professional may vary but is normally 5 to 10 mg daily. Your health care provider will instruct you on how long you need to take to prevent migraine headaches. You can take medicine every day based on your condition; your health care professional will prescribe the dosing regimen that best suits your condition. in case you miss a dose, skip the missed one and switch to the next dose as prescribed by your health care provider. Normally the treatment for migraine lasts for at least six months. Your health care specialist will advise you the exact duration of the treatment.

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