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    Terol LA 2mg Capsule

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    Generic ForDetrol
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    Terol 2mg is a prescription medication that relieves spasms of the bladder muscles. This drug treats overactive bladder with frequent urination, urgency, and incontinence symptoms. It may also be given for other health conditions only if your doctor finds it suitable.

    Tolterodine is the main active ingredient of Terol.

    Product Description

            — Do not take Terol if you are allergic to Tolterodine or Fesoterodine, if you have untreated or uncontrolled narrow-angle glaucoma, or if you have a blockage of the urinary tract, stomach, or intestines.

    — Before taking Tolterodine, inform your doctor if you have kidney or liver disease, glaucoma, myasthenia gravis, or a personal or family history of ‘Long QT syndrome. If taking a controlled-release capsule, swallow it whole without crushing, chewing or breaking. Doing so may cause too much of the drug to be released at one time.

    — Tolterodine is known to impact your thinking and reflexes. This can significantly affect activities requiring a lot of alertness and reflexes, like driving. So keep such activities to a minimum or avoid them if it is not necessary. Consuming alcohol while taking this medication may increase the chances of side effects.

    — Certain drugs may interact with Tolterodine. If you are currently using any medications (prescribed, OTC or herbal), let your doctor know about it so that he can prescribe Tolterodine safely.

    Some drugs may interact with Tolterodine (Detrol, Terol). Some of them are chloroquine; halofantrine; cyclosporine; arsenic trioxide; droperidol; narcotic medicines such as levomethadyl or methadone; pentamidine; vinblastine; certain antibiotics like azithromycin, erythromycin, clarithromycin, pentamidine, or others; some psychiatric medications like haloperidol chlorpromazine mesoridazine pimozide thioridazine; or antiarrhythmics like amiodarone dofetilide procainamide quinidine.

    The above list of drugs is not complete; there may be others that may interact with Tolterodine Tartrate. Always tell your doctor about any medications you may use, including prescription, OTC or herbal medications. Don’t start a new drug without medical advice.

    Side Effects

    Get emergency medical attention if you witness some allergic reactions to Tolterodine medication (Detrol, Terol), like skin hives, breathing difficulty, and facial, lips, tongue, or throat swelling.

    Discontinue the Tolterodine medication and contact your doctor immediately if you experience these side effects: hallucinations, confusion, chest pain, fast or irregular heart rate, less or no urination, or pain while urinating. Some less serious symptoms of this medication are blurred vision, headache, joint pain, constipation or diarrhea, drowsiness, dizziness, stomach pain or upset.

    The side effects mentioned in this guide are not a complete set of side effects you may experience due to Tolterodine Tartrate. There may be other side effects.

    How to Use

    Take Terol strictly as your doctor advises. Don’t alter the course of the medication in any way, either by the amount or duration. All medications come with a patient leaflet with complete instructions. Your doctor may advise changing the Tolterodine dosage to monitor your health.

    Take Tolterodine with water. Avoid opening, chewing, crushing, or breaking a controlled-release capsule, as doing so may lead to too much of the drug being released at once. Instead, swallow it whole.

    Always store Tolterodine in a cool and dry place, away from heat and moisture.

    Before taking Tolterodine, remember to take all precautions and preventive measures to avoid side effects.

    Tolterodine is categorized as FDA Pregnancy Category C. It is unknown if this medication will harm an unborn baby if taken during pregnancy. Notify your doctor if you are pregnant or plan to conceive before taking Tolterodine. It is also not known if this medication passes into breast milk and harms your nursing child. Do not take Tolterodine without informing your doctor if you are nursing a baby.

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