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    Toba Eye Drop (5 ml)

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    Generic ForTobran
    Generic NameTobramycin
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    Toba eye drops 0.3% containing Tobramycin is an antibiotic ophthalmic solution specifically formulated for topical therapy of external ophthalmic infections. Tobramycin is categorized under the class of drugs known as aminoglycoside of antibiotics. These drugs work by killing bacteria that cause infection. Toba eye drops are effective in adults and children above the age of one year to treat bacterial infections of the eye, such as conjunctivitis. It treats infections, including eye redness, discharge (pus or mucus), or increased tearing. These symptoms may improve within three days after starting Toba eye drops 0.3% (5ml).

    Product Description

    Do not use Toba eye drops if you are allergic to Tobramycin or any other ingredients present in the medicine.

    To help avoid side effects and ensure proper use of the medicine, speak to your ophthalmologist before taking Toba eye drops. Talk about any health conditions or problems you may have included if you are:

    • pregnant or think you may be planning to conceive a baby
    • Tobramycin is not recommended during breastfeeding. It is still not known whether it will pass into your milk or not.
    • Have or ever had myasthenia gravis or Parkinson’s disease. Such antibiotics may worsen muscle weakness.

    You should tell your doctor if you use other antibiotics of the same class, such as paromomycin, amikacin, kanamycin, streptomycin, and gentamycin. Always carry a list of your medicines and show it to your ophthalmologist. It is important that your ophthalmologist reviews all medications and supplements you are using before taking Tobramycin.

    Side Effects

    The most frequent side effects of Tobramycin ophthalmic solution are hypersensitivity and ocular toxicity, including lid itching and swelling. Other side effects include eye discharge, blurred vision, eye allergy, loss of eyelashes, blurred vision, corneal damage, increased tearing, or headache.

    How to Use

    • For adults and children one year and older, the usual dose will depend on the type and severity of your infection.
    • Your ophthalmologist may recommend one or two drops into the affected eyes every four hours to treat mild to moderate infection.
    • In case of severe infections, the dose may be increased to two drops every hour.

    Your ophthalmologist will tell you how much you need to use every day. Talk to your ophthalmologist if you have any questions about the medicine.

    Usage instructions:

    • Wash your hands properly before using the medicine.
    • Shake the bottle well before use
    • Tilt your head back, and pull down your eyelid with a clean finger.
    • Bring the bottle tip close to the eye. Ensure you do not touch the eye, eyelid, surrounding areas or other surfaces with the dropper. This helps to avoid contamination.
    • Gently press the bottle to release a drop of the medicine. Put on the cap immediately after use.

    If your doctor has prescribed some other medicine or ointment to be used along with Tobramycin, apply for each medicine at a gap of at least five minutes.

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