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    Trajenta 5mg Tablet

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    Generic NameLinagliptin
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    Trajenta 5 mg is an oral diabetes drug that helps in managing glucose levels. It contains Linagliptin as the active ingredient, which works by controlling the amount of insulin your body produces while intake. The anti-diabetic agent is used besides diet and exercise to treat type two diabetes. Linagliptin is not for treating type one diabetes.

    Product Description

    Tell your doctor if you are pregnant, aiming to become pregnant, or are breast-feeding. Your doctor should be aware of all the medicine that you have been using, including prescription or non-prescribed drugs, herbal preparation, or dietary supplements. If you are allergic to medicines, foods, or different substances, please inform your doctor. History of angioedema caused by another DPP-4 inhibitor (eg, saxagliptin) or a history of inflammation of the pancreas can be troublesome and increase risk of side effects. Limit alcohol while taking Trajenta 5 mg as this can increase the risk of developing low blood sugar or other side effects. It may be difficult to control diabetes during stressful situations and increased stress may require you to make dose adjustments. So, it is important to reduce stress to gain control over high blood sugar levels. Older adults may be at greater risk of developing side effects. A regular visit to a doctor is a must to ensure proper kidney function especially in older adults.

    Side Effects

    Side effects are uncommon but include anxiety, blurred vision, headache, fast heartbeat, shakiness, unintelligible speech, uncommon tiredness or weakness increased hunger, nausea, nightmares, seizures, chills, cold sweats, coma, confusion, etc. Let your doctor know if you have persistent or severe abdominal pain. Inform your doctor about all the unwanted effects that you experience while using Linagliptin tablets.

    How to Use

    Trajenta is meant to be taken orally. Taking this with adequate water makes it easier to be consumed orally. Swallow the complete tablet with water and subsequently take a deep breath. Do not chew it and discard the empty wrapper safely. Take your dose at a similar time daily as this can transform into the habit and become convenient for the patient to recollect. Take your physician’s recommendation concerning the time of dose if there is any confusion concerning the dose time. This drug controls your condition, however, it does not cure it. It is therefore suggested to take the drug as long as suggested by the doctor even in the case you discover yourself well. Do not stop the drug without a doctor’s recommendation. Too much of this drug is also troubling or serious in several cases. Because of the overdose of the drug you will have a fast or irregular heartbeat; dryness or blurred vision. Just in case if you are taking an additional dose, consult your doctor and do as instructed.

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    Boehringer Ingelheim, Brazil

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