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    Travatan 2.5ml (0.004%) Eye Drop

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    Generic NameTravoprost
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    Travoprost is a prescription eye drop used to reduce high pressure in the eye. It is used either alone or in combination with other eye drops to lower the elevated pressure in the eye to treat glaucoma. Travoprost is useful in treating high pressure in the eye. This elevated pressure in the eye can result in an illness called glaucoma. Travoprost is an active ingredient present in Travatan medicine. Travoprost belongs to a group of medicines called prostaglandin analogs. It is effective for adults, adolescents, and children from two months old onward. High pressure in the eye- Your eyeballs contains a transparent liquid, which is essential for the eye. This fluid is always emptying of the eye, and more fluid is always being produced. If there is any blockage in draining the liquid outside the body, the pressure insides the eye builds up. If the pressure is too high, it can damage your eyesight. Travoprost is categorized under prostaglandin analogs, which exerts their mode of action by increasing the outflow of liquid, which decreases the pressure in the eye.

    Product Description

    If you contact lenses, remove them before putting the eye drops into your eye and wait for at least 15 minutes before putting them back. If your skin becomes in contact with this solution, rinse with water and pat dry. Several drugs can interact with Travoprost and affect its working or Travoprost can affect the way Travoprost works. These include Calcium channel blockers, Antiarrhythmic medications like disopyramide, Catecholamine depleting drugs like reserpine, digitalis, indomethacin, and amiodarone. All these drugs that are mentioned above can decrease the effectiveness of your ophthalmic solution.

    Side Effects

    Eye redness is one of the most reported side effects of the medicine. Other common side effects that you may experience while receiving statin therapy include dry eyes, a change in eye colour, burning or stinging eyes, sensitivity to light, headache, itchy eyes, blurred vision, eye pain, eye or eyelid inflammation. Some people may also experience tired eyes, irritation in the eye, reduced feeling in the eyes, cataract, eye swelling or discharge, increased tearing, eye discoloration, and eyelash growth. If you are concerned about the side effects or they become bothersome, take immediate medical advice.

    How to Use

    It is suggested to use one drop in the affected eye once a day. It is preferred to administer the drops in the evening. It should be administered in the affected eye only, avoid using it on both the eyes if not told by your doctor. Rinse your hands with water before and after using the eye drops. Also, if you are told to use another drop, wait at least five minutes between putting in Travoprost and other ophthalmic drops. The ophthalmic solution has been prescribed for you. You must not give it to other people even if they have the same symptoms as you have. Its administration can harm anybody even they have the same illness as you. Do not stop putting in the eye drops without consulting with your doctor. It must be used daily regularly, so it is necessary to keep on using the drops as long as recommended by the doctor.

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