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  • Triomune 30+150+200mg Tablets

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     Brand Name                  Triomune
    Generic Name Stavudine+Lamivudine+Nevirapine
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    This is a combination drug containing three drugs: Stavudine+Lamivudine+Nevirapine. It belongs to a group of medicines that is given as a part of antiretroviral therapy. Triomune is a drug that prevents the HIV virus from reproducing in the body. It is approved by USFDA for the treatment of HIV/Herpes.

    Triomune (Stavudine+Lamivudine+Nevirapine) is an antiviral drug that prevents the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) virus from multiplying in the body. This medication is used in the treatment of

    HIV/AIDS. Triomune will however, not cure the body of HIV.

    Working of the drug:

    • Stavudine belongs to a group of drugs called nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors (NTRIs). It works by blocking the functioning of an enzyme called reverse transcriptase.
    • Nevirapine is a non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors (NNTRIs) drug. It works by blocking the enzyme, reverse transcriptase during viral DNA replication.
    • Lamivudine inhibits reverse transcriptase of HIV and prevents the proper transcription of the viral DNA.
    • All the three drugs thus work by reducing the amount of infectious virus in the body.

    Do not take this drug if you:

    • Are allergic to Stavudine/Lamivudine/Nevirapine or any of the other ingredients present in this medicine
    • Have haemophillia
    • Are already taking any other HIV drug in combination therapy

    Tell your doctor if you:

    • Are pregnant and take all the medicine for HIV prescribed by the doctor, to prevent the spread of HIV to the unborn baby.
    • Are breastfeeding. You should stop breastfeeding if you are infected with HIV
    • Have blood pressure or kidney problems
    • Have serious heart complaint
    • Have bone marrow suppression
    • Have serious liver problem
    • If you are using hormonal birth control methods, like pills

    Side effects of the drug:

    Tell your doctor if you feel any of the following side effects while taking this drug, even if you have had them before:

    • Symptoms of lactic acidosis, like muscle pain/weakness
    • Headache
    • Joint pain
    • Increased blood sugar levels
    • Increase in bleeding ( in people with Haemophillia)
    • Fat gain or loss
    • Tiredness
    • Diarrhea
    • Seizures
    • Unexplained weight loss
    • Vision changes, etc.

    Do not get alarmed by the list. You may /may not experience all of them. Tell your doctor immediately in the above situations.

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