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    Valzaar 40mg Tablet

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    Generic ForValsartan
    Generic NameValsartan
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    Valzaar 40 mg contains the active ingredient Valsartan, which belongs to the class of medications known as angiotensin II receptor antagonist, which helps to control high blood pressure. Angiotensin II is a substance produced in the body that causes vessel tightening, thus causing a rise in blood pressure. Valsartan blocks the effect of angiotensin II, which results in blood vessels relaxing and blood pressure being lowered.

    Valzaar, 40 mg tablets, can be used for three different conditions:  

    —  To treat high blood pressure in children and adolescents six to less than 18 years of age. High blood pressure causes the heart to work harder. If left untreated, it can damage the blood vessels of the heart, brain, and kidneys, resulting in a stroke, kidney failure, or heart failure. High blood pressure causes an increase in the risk of a heart attack. Achieving normal blood pressure levels reduces the risk of developing these disorders.

    —  To treat adults after a recent heart attack

    —  To treat heart failure in adult patients. Valzaar is used when ACE inhibitors (inhibitors to treat heart failure) can’t be used, or it may be used in addition to ACE inhibitors when other medications treat heart failure. Symptoms of heart failure include shortness of breath and swelling of the feet and legs due to the build-up of fluid. It happens when the heart muscle can’t pump blood strongly enough to supply all the blood required throughout the body.

    Product Description

    Valzaar 40 mg can cause fetal harm when given to pregnant women. If this drug is used during pregnancy, or if the patient gets pregnant while taking this medicine, the patient should be informed of the potential hazard to the fetus. Caution should be exercised when starting therapy in heart failure or post-heart failure patients. If excessive hypotension occurs, the patients should be placed in the supine position and, if necessary, given an intravenous shot of saline.

    Side Effects

    Common side effects associated with the use of Valzaar include

    —  Dizziness

    —  Low blood pressure, with or without symptoms such as dizziness and fainting when standing up.

    —  Decreased kidney function

    If these side effects become bothersome or persist longer, contact your doctor immediately.

    How to Use

    The recommended starting dose of Valzaar is 40 mg once daily when used as monotherapy. Patients requiring greater reductions may be started at a higher dose. The antihypertensive effect is substantially present within two weeks, and maximal reduction is generally obtained after four weeks. If the additional antihypertensive effect is needed over the starting dosing range,  the dose may be increased to a maximum of 320 mg, or a water pill may be added. Adding a water pill has a greater effect than dose increases beyond 80 mg. No dose adjustment is required for elderly patients, those with mild or moderate renal impairment, or those with mild or moderate liver insufficiency.

    Care should be taken when dosing Valsartan in patients with liver or severe kidney insufficiency. Valzaar may be prescribed with other antihypertensive agents. It may be taken before or after consuming food.

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