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  • Viraday Tablet

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     Brand Name Viraday
    Generic Name Tenofovir Disproxil Fumarate, Emtricitabine, and Efavirenz
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    Viraday is an antiviral drug that prevents the human immunodeficiency virus or HIV from multiplying in your body. This medication is prescribed for the treatment of HIV, which causes the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome or AIDS. Tenofovir Disproxil Fumarate, Emtricitabine and Efavirenz are the active constituents of this combination drug Viraday that prevents the human immunodeficiency virus or HIV from multiplying in your body. Each of these active ingredients is known as antiretroviral medicines, works by stopping the activity of an enzyme called reverse transcriptase, which supports the virus to multiply. The combination drug is an effective treatment for patients with HIV, which causes AIDs (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome). Doctors may prescribe Viraday to treat HIV in adults aged 18 years and over who have previously been treated with other HIV medication and have their HIV under control for at least three months.

    Product Description

    Do not take Viraday 300 mg, 200 mg, & 600 mg if you are allergic to any of the active constituents of the medicine including Efavirenz, emtricitabine, and tenofovir disproxil. If you have severe liver disease or have heart conditions, then avoid taking this anti-HIV medication. Do not take this antiretroviral medication if you are currently taking medicines to treat fever, heart disease, heartburn, hepatitis C, fungal infections, irregular heartbeat, sleeping pills, antimalarial agents etc. If you are taking any of these medicines, inform your doctor straight away. Taking these medicines, along with this triple combination drug, could interfere with the mechanism of action of these drugs or cause serious side effects.

    You can still pass on the virus when taking medicine, although the risk is lower when man effective antiretroviral therapy is followed. It will help if you discuss the precautions needed to avoid infecting other people. Viraday is not a cure for HIV/AIDs. While receiving this triple combination drug, you may still develop infections or illness associated with HIV. You must be under the supervision of a doctor while receiving the anti-retroviral medication. Tell your doctor if you have had kidney disease or have problems with your kidneys. You may not be given Viraday if you have moderate to severe kidney disease.

    Side Effects

    Like all medicines, Viraday gives rise to unwanted effects, although not everyone who receives the medicine witnesses them. Tell your doctor immediately about possible serious side effects such as drowsiness, stomach pain, deep rapid breathing, or feeling sick. If you think you may be suffering from lactic acidosis, contact your doctor straight away. Other possible serious side effects of the medicine include allergic reaction, suicidal thoughts, aggression, pain in the abdomen or damage to kidney tubules.

    How to Use

    Always take Viraday or any other medicine exactly as you have told you. Go through your prescription before taking medicine. Check with your doctor if you have any doubt regarding the usage of the drug. Usually, one capsule is recommended to take on an empty stomach at least an hour or two before meals, preferably at bedtime. This may reduce the likelihood of some side effects, such as drowsiness and dizziness. Swallow Viraday 300, 200, 600 mg capsules every day with water. It is essential not to miss a single dose of your HIV medicine.

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    30 Tablet, 60 Tablet, 90 Tablet

    Generic Name

    Tenofovir Disproxil Fumarate, Emtricitabine, and Efavirenz


    Cipla, India

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