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    Volibo R Tablet

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    Generic ForVoglibose R
    Generic NameVoglibose / Repaglinide
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    Volibo R 0.3/1 mg is an anti-diabetic medicine prescribed for the management of diabetes that helps your pancreas produce more insulin, thereby lowering the glucose content in the bloodstream. It is a combination drug that belongs to the anti-diabetic class of medicines. Each Volibo tablet contains two active ingredients, namely Repaglinide and Voglibose. Together, they work to control the high blood sugar levels in your body after each meal. The combination medicine is effective when similar medicines and a restricted diet are not enough to control abnormally high blood sugar levels. The anti-diabetic agent is only a part of a treatment program that should include a healthy diet, regular exercise, and weight reduction as advised by your doctor.

    Product Description

    If you have an allergy to Repaglinide, Voglibose, or any other medicine ingredients, please tell your doctor. Make sure to tell your doctor about your allergies and what signs you have had. This includes telling about the rash, itching, hives, wheezing, coughing, shortness of breath, swelling of face/lips/throat/tongue, or other signs.

    The warning symptoms of low blood sugar may come suddenly and can include headache, cold sweat, rapid heartbeat, feeling sick, temporary changes in vision, unusual tiredness, drowsiness, feeling anxiety, difficulty in concentrating, nervous or tremor. If your sugar level is low or you feel like a hypo episode coming soon, immediately eat glucose, snack, or drink.

    Side Effects

    Low blood sugar signs included a fast heartbeat, confusion, anger, shaking, or sweating. It is advised to keep hard candies, liquid glucose, juice, glucose tablets on hand to treat episodes of glycaemia. Monitor your blood glucose levels regularly while receiving Volibo R tablets.

    How to Use

    Volibo R 0.3/1 mg should be best taken just after meals. Patients should continue their dietary restriction with a regular carbohydrate intake during the day. Obese or overweight patients should continue their energy-restricted diet. The usual tests for diabetes monitoring should be performed regularly. Patients should be instructed and explained to recognize hypoglycaemic symptoms and their management. In general, the dose will be decided by your doctor. If you wish to stop treatment, talk to your doctor first. Sudden discontinuation of treatment may put you at high risk of complications like kidney damage and blindness.

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    30 Tablet, 60 Tablet, 90 Tablet

    Generic Name

    Voglibose / Repaglinide


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