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    X Vir 0.5mg Tablet

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    Generic NameEntecavir
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    About the drug:

    Entecavir is the main active pharmaceutical ingredient present in X-Vir tablets. Entecavir tablet is commonly prescribed for the treatment of HIV patients infected with hepatitis B virus, compensated or decompensated liver disease, liver infection along with several other problems

    Uses of the drug:

    Entecavir is used to treat long-term infection of the liver caused by hepatitis B virus (HBV). It is also used to prevent HBV reinfection after liver transplant and to treat HIV patients infected with HBV. Entecavir can be used in individuals with damaged liver that still functions properly and in individuals with damaged liver that does not function properly.

    Working of the drug:

    This drug consists of Entecavir. Entecavir is an antiviral drug and belongs to a class of drugs called synthetic nucleoside analogues. It works by stopping the DNA synthesis in hepatitis B virus, a process essential for the growth of the virus. Entecavir thus, stops the virus from spreading in the body. It does not prevent spread of HBV infections in other people.


    X – Vir is manufactured by GalaxoSmithKline pharmaceuticals, India. The drugs are available on our website under different pack sizes. To buy Proctinal 1.25 mg tablets online, visit alldaychemist.com.

    Dosage form and strengths:

    The drug is available in the form of Tablets under the following brand name and strength on our website:

    • X- Vir – 0.5 mg Tablet
    • X- vir – 1 mg Tablet

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    Before you take the drug:

    Do not take the drug if you:

    • Are allergic to this active ingredient Entecaviror any other ingredient of the medicine
    • Are pregnant or planning to have baby in the near future
    • Are breastfeeding mother

    Tell your doctor if you:

    • Have diabetes
    • Have HIV infection
    • Have any kidney problem
    • Havea history of liver problems
    • Are very overweight
    • Are taking nucleoside analogues for a long time
    • Have a history of any skin reactions such as rash, hives, and itching


    How much to take the drug?

    The dosage depends upon your age, weight, medical condition and your response to the treatment. Therefore, the correct dose will be decided by your doctor. Take the dose exactly as prescribed by the doctor. Never take two 0.5 mg tablets to substitute one 1 mg Tablet.

    How to take the drug?

    The drug is usually recommended to be taken without the food. The tablet is to be swallowed with a glass of water. Do not crush or break the tablet.

    For how long to take it?

    You should take the dose until you complete the prescribed dose. Do not stop taking the dose, even if you feel better. You should complete the prescribed dose.


    In case of an overdose, get emergency medical attention or call the doctor immediately.

    Miss dose:

    If you miss a dose of Entecavir, then take it as soon as you remember. Never take the missed dose if the time is nearby to the next dose. Taking multiple doses at almost the same time, can lead to an overdose, which can be poisonous and harmful.

    Side effects of the drug:

    Diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, Dizziness, Unusual tiredness, and rash are the common side effects of Entecavir. If any of these effects continuing for a long time or the condition become uncontrolled, contact your doctor immediately.

    Entecavir may rarely cause serious side effects such as restlessness, worsening of hepatitis B infection, Headache, indigestion, vomiting, rash, lactic acidosis, wheezing, coughing, unusual weight loss, and shortness of breath.

    Common drug interactions:

    You must let your doctor know in advance about your medical history and always carry the list of all medications which you may be using, especially these ones: Gentamycin, Amphotericin B, Cyclosporine, ibuprofen, tacrolimus, vancomycin, aspirin. However, this is incomplete information as mentioning all the details for this drug is quite difficult. There may be other medications that may show interaction. Never start a new medication with consulting a doctor.


    Things to remember:

    • Do not share this medicine with anyone else, even if they have a similar symptoms as you are having
    • Do not use this medication for any other disease without contacting to the doctor
    • In case you do not feel even after completing the medication prescribed by your doctor, then consult your doctor as soon as possible.
    • Store the medicine at room temperature. Do not freeze it.

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