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    Seroflo Inhaler 25 mcg 250 mcg (120 mdi)

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    Generic NameSalmeterol + Fluticasone Propionate
    ManufacturerCipla, India
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    Seroflo inhaler 25 mcg 250 mcg should be used in patients with asthma that is not adequately controlled with a long-term asthma medication such as an inhaled corticosteroid alone. It can also be given to individuals whose asthma severity requires treatment with both an inhaled corticosteroid and a long-acting beta2 agonist. Seroflo inhaler combines Fluticasone propionate and salmeterol, which helps prevent breathlessness and wheeziness from happening due to asthma. Asthma management requires avoiding irritants and triggers that give rise to an asthma attack and taking the appropriate medicines. For example, patients should avoid exposure to dust mites, pets, mould, pollens, and tobacco smoke.

    Product Description

    Do not use the Seroflo inhaler if you are allergic to Fluticasone and salmeterol present in the inhaler drug. Also, you should avoid this medicine if you are allergic to lactose or milk protein. Other contraindications include:

    • An untreated bacterial, fungal, or tuberculosis infection
    • Medical history of cardiac tachyarrhythmias

    Discuss with your doctor if the Seroflo inhaler is safe to use during pregnancy or when you are breastfeeding. Before using it, let your doctor know if you have liver or kidney disease so that your doctor can prescribe a dose that is appropriate for you. If you develop an asthma attack, you should be using a quick-relief inhaler or reliever medicine as prescribed by your doctor. For the medicine to be effective, make sure you use the correct inhaler technique; otherwise, your condition may not improve.

    Side Effects

    The most common side effects of Seroflo inhaler are nausea, respiratory tract infections, headache, sore throat, musculoskeletal pain, fungal infections in the mouth, vomiting, and increased heart rate. Do not stop using the inhaler if you get any of these side effects, but speak to your doctor. Some of these symptoms can be easily prevented by rinsing your mouth and throat with water or brushing your teeth after a few minutes of using the inhaler. There are other rare side effects associated with this asthma medicine. Speak to your doctor if you are concerned about them. Try to avoid situations and triggers that make your asthma worse. Also, do not smoke.

    How to Use

    Your doctor will tell you how often you need to use the Seroflo inhaler. The effect of this medicine may be noticeable after a few days but will only reach its maximum effects after a few weeks of regular usage. For best results, these medicines must be used regularly, so continue to take them even if you do not have any symptoms. Sudden discontinuation may make your asthma or chronic pulmonary disorder worse. The inhaler drug should not be used to relieve sudden asthma attacks. It is only used when a regular inhaled corticosteroid medicine and a fast-acting reliever medicine such as salbutamol are not adequately helping to ease your breathing problems.

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    Generic Name

    Salmeterol + Fluticasone Propionate


    Cipla, India

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